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Teaching and Learning 

In Fall 2020, UCCS will continue our tradition of high-quality instruction by offering an expanded range of course formats, with the goal of providing on-campus instruction as much as feasible within public health guidelines. With our commitment to supporting equity and access for all students, faculty and staff, we will provide a successful start for our new students and continued progression toward degrees for our continuing students. 



Key Information

Academic Highlights

  1. Preserving the experience of on-campus learning

    For smaller courses that have unique learning objectives, such as first-year seminar (Gateway Program Seminar) and other courses, laboratory courses, upper division specialized courses, capstone courses, studio courses and courses that require specialized on-campus equipment. 

  2. Providing faculty with support

    We'll provide the support needed to offer quality instruction as they work to prepare courses with optimal teaching approaches, resulting in effective, engaging learning experiences and meeting student needs, course objectives, and safety precautions. 

  3. Continuing excellence in digital instruction

    Continuing to provide the excellent digital instruction, rigor and academic integrity already in place at UCCS in our online courses and programs and expanding to include more remote and more hybrid (blend of in-person and online) courses.  

  4. Providing flexibility for students

    Providing flexibility for those with concerns about returning to campus in fall and encouraging meaningful engagement in one-on-one and peer interactions through technology. 

  5. Ensuring instruction can continue

    Ensuring courses are prepared to move fully remote if mandated by health circumstances; promoting instructional resilience and continuity.  

  6. Finalizing course schedules

    Plans to share details around schedules, formats and locations, beginning in early July on an ongoing basis for students; further details for each course will be provided by the college, department or faculty member. 


  7. 16-week semester

    Planning for a regular 16-week semester (including finals). 


Instructional Modes


Course Formats Descriptions
In Person  This course section is designed to be taught 100% on-campus on scheduled day(s)/time(s). 

This course section meets in person during the specified day(s)/time(s) with additional online content provided. These courses are differentiated by their ratio of in-person to online instruction and have been offered in this format in the past. 

  • Hybrid – instruction is mostly online (50%-99%) 
  • Blended – instruction is mostly in the classroom (1% - 49% online)
HyFlex  HyFlex: This “Hybrid with Flexibility” course section is offered as a combination of both in-person and online content. Students should plan to be available for all the day(s)/time(s) listed, although they may not be required to attend all in-person meetings.
Remote Synchronous This course section is designed to meet remotely/online during specified days(s)/time(s). There is no on-campus instruction.  
Remote Asynchronous and Traditional Online Courses  This course section is offered 100% online with no required meeting day(s)/time(s). There is no on-campus instruction.



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