UCCS in the Community

UCCS in the Community

Fulfilling Our Roles

UCCS has partnered with several community alliances and is uniquely positioned to provide technical support for mental health, communication and recovery planning. UCCS is working directly with emergency planners, public health officials and community leaders.  

UCCS will continue to identify and promote opportunities to support and enable city and county government, regional health organizations, business, our higher education partners and our veterans to be safe, healthy and successful as we work through COVID-19 impacts – together. 

Welcoming Visitors

Invited visitors (guest lecturers, panelists, speakers, and vendors, for example) will be responsible for familiarizing themselves with campus COVID-19 protocols. At a minimum, this includes completing a daily screening, wearing a face covering and maintaining social distancing per public health guidance. The guest’s sponsor will be responsible for informing the invitee of campus COVID-19 protocols. Departments may have more detailed supplemental requirements that must also be followed. 

Campus Visitors. Customer-facing service points on campus will be provided with complimentary face coverings and handouts describing COVID-19 protocols and expectations of all visitors to campus.  




UCCS remains a key leader supporting the K-12 community and all educational advancement and continues to provide human and physical resources to promote education recovery. These efforts include:  

  • Support to the transition to remote K-12 teaching and learning in the region. 
  • Launching a website portal to request virtual tutoring services.  
  • Providing leadership for the Teacher Assistant program by connecting our preservice teacher candidates to local school districts.  
  • UCCSTeach faculty joining with Professional Learning Communities at Vista Ridge High School and all elementary schools in the School District 49 power zone to support COVID-19 adjustments to education content and delivery. 
  • Offering the Instructional Technology certificate program online during this summer. 



Mental Health

Finding and initiating donors to commit to multi-year financial support for students who are not able to afford services.  

Expanding the Greater Resiliency Information Toolkit program to help create a stronger and more cohesive community. 



Ent Center for the Arts 

We will continue to offer audience-free, remotely viewed performances.  

Theatreworks will look for future opportunities to develop public virtual presentations, modeled on the popular video on how to sew masks. 

Out-of-work-artist tracking for opening the Ent Center in January 2021. This includes helping artists connect with donor organizations such as Curbside Concerts, Bee Vradenberg Foundation and COPPeR. 

The Galleries of Contemporary Art will offer yoga and dance parties online. 

We unfortunately have made the difficult decision to cancel programing through December. UCCS will evaluate options to schedule additional event as public health guidelines allow.  



Emergency Management, Partnerships and Governmental Relations 

UCCS has conducted outreach with all higher education institutions within El Paso County. Together we are evaluating and coordinating alignment of recovery plans to better serve and protect our campus communities. We recognize the synergy developed when working together to solve common problems.   

Creating higher education alignment in recovery planning. 

Sharing planning resources and site visit information to promote community health. 

Working with government leaders to identify specific education variances to help all students return to their classrooms in a safe and productive manner.