UCCS Employee Return to Campus

UCCS Employee Return to Campus

A safe environment in which to work

If employees can work remotely, they should do so, unless in an area that requires them to be on campus. Employees should work with their direct supervisor and follow vice chancellor guidance.

Determining Whether to Remain Remote 

Some considerations and guidelines for whether – and how – employees should expect to work on campus: 

  • Remote versus on-campus 

  • If a high-risk employee is in a job which is not conducive to being performed remotely, they must complete the High-Risk Employee Self-Reporting Form and provide medical documentation to HR for a review of accommodations or leave options available based on the circumstances. 

  • The Return to Campus Decision tree can be used to assist employees and their supervisors should an employee not feel comfortable returning to campus for any reason. 

  • Campus units should use the Return to Work Template provided to assist with preparing areas to return in August. This template will allow individual areas to determine the best plan of action for their safe return to campus and to indicate which, if any, of their positions or operations may remain remote. 

  • Work schedules 

  • Staggering work schedules and/or limiting the number of campus employees from a specific work group will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 through a work group.  

  • Limiting face-to-face meetings and gatherings whenever possible is highly recommended. Using Teams and WebEx or other electronic means is encouraged to allow participation for those who are remote.  

  • Employees will perform a daily self-screening each morning before leaving for work. Daily screening guidelines can be found at uccs.me/healthcheck. 

  • Information about remote work, COVID-19 leave and other important HR processes can be found at uccs.edu/hr/covid-19-hr-guidance. 



Human Resource Considerations 

Due to the fluid nature of the COVID-19 situation and the expectations that items listed may need to be altered as situations change, the most up-to-date information will always be available at uccs.edu/hr/covid-19-hr-guidance. It is highly recommended that faculty and staff review this site regularly. For general consideration:  

  • Training 

  • Employees must complete the COVID-19 Return to Campus SkillSoft training (access here or via the myUCCS portal) before returning to campus. Supervisors may verify direct reports have completed the training using the myUCCS portal, or by asking the employee to provide a screenshot or picture of the completion page.  

  • High-Risk Employees. Employees identified at high risk of suffering complications related to COVID-19 will be screened through Human Resources. High-risk employees will work with their supervisors for job duty accommodations up to and including fully remote work. 

  • Offering UCCS Cares on-campus and off-campus resources to help with personal needs and job resources for our partners.