Safety Measures

Safety Measures

A safe environment in which to work

COVID-19 public health restrictions – including physical distancing and limitations on group size – will likely remain in place through the end of the fall semester. Public health guidance and related restrictions may change at any time, requiring adaptable responses by the entire campus community, perhaps on short notice. Some elements of the campus experience will remain as remote services throughout the fall semester, and travel restrictions will stay in place. 


UCCS will operate services under the following guidelines: 

  • Events will be subject to the Events Guidelines, posted in our information section below. 
  • Face coverings or shields will be a requirement in any space involving multiple people. Face coverings will be available in certain high-traffic locations across campus. Exceptions to wearing a face covering or shield include: 
    • When in a private office alone, individuals are permitted to remove a face covering 
    • For faculty at least 25 feet away from the nearest person in a classroom or laboratory 
    • In limited health care settings like counseling when body language is important 
    • When eating or drinking 
    • When swimming or while exercising in Campus Recreation facilities
    • At the Family Development Center, for children younger than 3 years old. Additional details for children older than 3 is available through the FDC. 
    • When outside and at least six feet away from the nearest person 

Key Information

Safety Information

  1. Continuing social distancing

    Individuals must keep six-foot social distancing whenever possible. This includes at reception desks, waiting areas and common spaces. Campus signage will emphasize appropriate social distances and furniture will either be moved or blocked off to maintain distancing. 


  2. Constructing barriers where distancing isn't possible

    Plexiglass and other barriers will be constructed when a six-foot distance isn’t possible or for additional protection, primarily at customer service areas, including cash registers, reception desks and in the driver areas of the campus shuttles. 

  3. Implementing contactless payment

    Campus amenities will employ card-free and contactless payment solutions when possible. 

  4. Restricting campus access

    Students, employees and visitors will not be permitted to come to campus if they are sick. 

  5. Increasing hand sanitizing

    Students, employees and visitors should employ frequent hand washing, at least once per hour if possible, and before and after using the restroom, after touching the face and before and after eating. Hand sanitizer will also be available at multiple locations across campus. 

  6. Following public health guidelines

    Classrooms will hold no more than 50 percent occupancy per guidance from the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Events will follow all public health guidelines from El Paso County Public Health and the Colorado Department for Public Health and Environment. 

  7. Increasing cleaning measures

    Deep cleaning of select areas of campus daily, with increased cleaning of high-touch point areas. Cleaning supplies will be available at locations across campus for individuals to use on desks, lecterns, tables, chairs and other surfaces. 

  8. Checking temperature for select staff

    Temperature checks for select staff as outlined by department leaders, and for children in the Family Development Center. 

  9. Limiting occupancy across campus

    Implement reservation or appointment systems, or other crowd control measures, to limit occupancy in areas throughout campus. 

  10. Continuing remote work

    When possible, employees will continue to work remotely. The number of staff in the office should not exceed 50%, and departments are encouraged to create two teams that work at opposite times to minimize exposure.

Campus Info

Additional Safety Information Across Campus

Event and Meeting Guidelines
Testing information, positive tests and contact tracing 
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