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Updated Protective Measures for Fall '21

We are currently in the Protect the Pride phase of our Campus COVID-19 Protective Measures. The increase in Delta variant COVID-19 cases is prompting experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to once again recommend face coverings in crowded indoor settings for all individuals, including those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In an effort to give our students the best on-campus learning experience possible, UCCS requires all students, faculty, staff and visitors on the UCCS campus to wear a face covering while indoors. This includes those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine and those who have not.

Capacities and Considerations

At this point, all classrooms, research areas and labs will remain at full capacity. Instructional modes will remain as scheduled, which is primarily in-person, and the majority of events, services and public spaces (including the Kraemer Family Library) will operate at full capacity.

Looking forward

We are prepared to adapt these measures if circumstances change. If the resurgence continues and public health recommendations change, we may increase health and safety measures. However, if we see a significant reduction in the number of COVID-19 cases, and if the attestation shows an increase in vaccination rates, the Chancellor will rescind the face covering executive directive.

Beginning Aug. 2, or at a time when the vaccination attestation confirms over 70 percent of the UCCS population has received a vaccination, we will move into the “Protect the Pride” phase.

During the “Protect the Pride” phase:

  • Masks required indoors for all individuals. 
  • Instructional modes will be as scheduled, which is primarily in-person. The majority of events, services and public spaces will operate at full capacity.
  • Contact tracing and testing will continue for known exposures among UCCS’ unvaccinated population.

Protective Measures Broken Out By Area

Protective Measures
  • Fall 2021 Updates

    Goal Dates

    "Protect the Pride" Phase Aug. 2 – Onwards

    Trigger Points for Campus Safety Measures

    Fewer than 100 incidences per 100K in El Paso County

    or 70% of UCCS population vaccinated.

    Mandatory quarantine for unvaccinated persons associated with contact tracing.

    Precautions (Apply to all campus activities)

    Vaccination Attestation reported.

    Masks required indoors for unvaccinated individuals.

    Contact tracing and testing for known exposures to unvaccinated population.

  • Fall 2021 Academics


    Right=Protect the Pride Phase (Aug. 2-Onward)

    Instructional Delivery

    All delivery modes as scheduled, primarily in-person.


    Full capacity


    Full capacity – all floors open.

    Research and Labs

    Full capacity

  • Protections for visitors


    Right=Protect the Pride Phase (Aug. 2-Onward)

    Campus Visitors


    Visitors to Residence Halls

    No restrictions. Practice social distancing. Residence hall rules apply.

    Family Development Center

    Full capacity

    Office Staffing Model

    Full capacity

  • Protections for auxiliaries


    Right=Protect the Pride Phase (Aug. 2-Onward)

    Retail Bookstore

    Posted occupancy

    Dining and Restaurants

    Full capacity


    Full capacity

    Athletic Events

    Follow RMAC guidelines for athletes. Unlimited ticketing for indoor/outdoor events.

    Wellness Center Visits

    All in-person care available. Optional remote care.

  • Protections for events


    Right=Protect the Pride Phase (Aug. 2-Onward)

    Indoor Events Unseated

    Full capacity

    Indoor Events Seated

    Full capacity

    Outdoor Events Unseated

    Unlimited ticketed event

    Outdoor Events Seated

    Unlimited ticketed event

    Conference Events

    Full capacity

    Ent Center for the Arts

    Full capacity

  • Protections for recreation and recreational events


    Right=Protect the Pride Phase (Aug. 2-Onward)

    Fitness Center, Gyms, Aquatics

    Full capacity

    Group Sports and Camps

    Full capacity

    Outdoor Recreation at Alpine Field, Trails, S.O.L.E.

    Full capacity

  • Protections for travel and transportation


    Right=Protect the Pride Phase (Aug. 2-Onward)


    Follow CDC guidance – Personal Services Contract (PSC) setting approval levels.

    Transportation Shuttles and Charters

    Follow CDC guidance. Operate at full capacity.

    Masks required for all individuals during transit.

    Increase ventilation when possible.

Vaccination Information & Resources

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